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Jeff Garrett

Larry’s knowledge and experience were extremely helpful to me while I was building my custom PC. He has since been very helpful with my other computer related

Matthew Beers

Larry Bell is a well respected individual, and business man. He turns my trip to repair my computer into an experience.”

Stephen Ferro

my # 1 source for all my tech needs”

Dan Bourcier

Larry is a great guy to work with. He knows his business, is professional and realistic in his approach, and provides quality work for a good value. I highly recommend Larry for business or personal use when it comes to my computer needs.”

Jeff Jackson

I’ve known Larry a long time. He is very knowledgeable. I had some virus problems on my laptop and sought his advise, which solved the problem.”

Mary Roberti

I have a small but busy business. I use my computer all day, every day. Larry has been my “go to” computer guy for many years. He has become much more important to me now that I’m a business owner. I can bring my laptop in and he does “Larry Magic” to it. The next thing I know it’s back and I’m back in business again very quickly.
His talents run the gamut from personalizing and building the perfect system for me to virus control. He has been in the business long enough to do a professional job in a timely manner. He is especially helpful because unlike most IT pros, he can talk to you about your issues in a way you understand. He takes his time and is never impatient, even if he has to explain something several times. I believe he is unequaled in his field in this area.”

Patrick Enigan

Larry is a business neighbor of mine. I have always used Belltech Computer Solutions for all my computer needs. The service is great and the prices are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone looking for an EXPERT to service all your computer needs.”

Leslie Davidson

Always reliable And excellent customer service thank u”

Missy Garrett

As a single, female, parent of 3 it is hard to find trustworthy and competent computer engineers. It truly is. In October of 2000 i became a single parent. I had allot of learning to do as far as employing the right companies for my computer repairs. I started with having pictures on my desktop deleted by one company and another erased all of my oh i can’t tell you the professional term, but it scrambled everything in my computer. Understand i know minimal about computers! Another time my symbols when you sign into windows were gone and there was no way to sign onto google , yahoo, nothing and when i did get in it was off line and i didn’t know how to get online. Last but not least when i received my laptop back from one company my sound disappeared along with some private photographs! They broke my computer! I was so discouraged! Finally i met the owner of Belltech Computers. I was very blessed with a company that was patient with my questions and offered reassurance when i was concerned after what i had gone through. It is such a relief to get to the point when you can tell Larry , (the owner) or Jeffrey, one of his Techs, the issues your having with the computer and you don’t even need their feedback, you just trust their knowledge and drop it off and go on with your busy life. No stress because you know your computer is safe and it will be repaired by professionals. Another great thing is if you choose to ask what was wrong or what they repaired they are so patient with helping you understand without hesitation ,plus Larry has a little coffee house Zoe’s Cafe right in his store it’s so cool you can have superb coffee while you wait or just hang out with a laptop or tablet and get online, check your emails do some work etc.. You know it’s hard to find companies with integrity and character these days and i feel i hit the jackpot after all the disappointment and money spent..Thank you Belltech Computers for alleviating the concerns in finding a trust worthy company for my computer repairs and design. Sincerely, Bess G.”

Paul Hudson

I have known larry for several years. I know him to be a very straightforeward, honest, businessman. He is well liked among his peers.”

Deaner Tedder

Belltech offers professional computing solutions for home, business and professional networking to keep all your systems running efficiently. I am a computer technician of over 15 years and I refer all my overflow business to them without any concerns. I personally have used Larry and the techs at Belltech for my own personal computers, family computers and have purchased a custom build from Belltech that has not had any issues since the time of purchase.! I can say with 100% confidence that the team at Belltech will provide you with outstanding customer service and professional advice on all your computing needs!!! Thank you again Belltech
Dean Tedder Former owner of CRBD!”

Roger Foeley’s

Larry is a patient and understanding person. He has helped me not just with my computer but with various tasks that have effected my life for the better. I thank him for the service that he provided me as well as being a great friend.

Audrey Williams Reily . Collingswood High School

Best of luclkLarry Boy! xo

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George Nenadovich . Owner at Sigma Financial

Excellent customer service, super knowledgeable!

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Charles Morgan. University of Tampa

Larry Bell and Belltech have assisted in maintaining and selecting my professional and family computer service and needs for several years and my family and I recommend, appreciate and depend on Belltech’s courteous and dependable service ~Charley Ball Morgan.

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Deborah Greco-Canchola . Subscribed · Independent Agent with Metlife at Ind. Licensed 215, Life, Health & Annuity Insurance Agent · 342 subscribers

Thank you Belltech Computer Solutions!

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Barry Capen . Trine University

Great Service at a Fair Price and With a Smile…….(what more could anybody ask for) :-)).

Reply · 1 · Unlike · Follow Post · September 8 at 12:17pm

Larry Akers . San Bernardino High

Super Service!

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Allison Luker. Creative Director at Rockin’ Wellness Inc.

AWESOME customer service!

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Pavlina Osta . Works at Freelance writer/ radio host

the BEST:))

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Rita A Bogaert . Seminole, Florida

Belltech computers is the best in town. Larry and his staff are very knowledgeable. Professional service at all times. Highly recommend for all your computer needs.

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Darlene Dolly Brosious .Deptford Township High School

Great Service all the Time!

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Michael Anthony Pascazi .Kitchen Help at Da Sesto Ristorante Italiano

Music sounds good, that Ron Greene, back ground vocals a little off. Other wise sounds good Larry.

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Maria Campuzano Loder .47 years old

On time, quick to respond and has gotten us out some major situations. He is the go to guy for our minor and major repairs.

Reply · 1 · Unlike · Follow Post ·July 16 at 10:43am

Zhanna Kens .Subscribed · Business Owner at Self employed

Larry is very knowledgeable and knows what to do when you have problem with your computer. Good service too.;-).

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Paul Jenkins Jr .Hired Ninja/ Comic Relief at Crabby Bill’s Seafood

Honest & efficient. Very knowledgeable, professional service.

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Caribbeancarwash AutoRepair .Ft. Hamilton

Great service & honest! What more could you ask for.

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Michael Chevalier .Middletown Sr.High School

Outstanding company willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.Honesty and integrity is his driving force.

Reply · 1 · Unlike · Follow Post · June 23 at 6:15pm

Belinda Faye . Subscribed · St. Petersburg College

The best!

Reply · 1 · Unlike · Follow Post ·June 17 at 11:11pm

Glen Gibellina . Arizona State University


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Linda Reynolds McNulty . Real Estate Professional at Prudential Tropical Realty

Belltech Computer Largo, FL hotspot for quick efficient quality service.

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William Kaiser . Subscribed · Vice President / Owner Operator at Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Great Customer service, Fast , friendly and super great prices.

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Mary Roberti .Auburn Montgomery

This is my go to guy for all my computer needs both business and personal. Quick, efficient quality service.

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Linda Thompson Dewitt . Subscribe · Banquet server and hospitality at Belleair Country Club

computer whiz.. reasonable and affordable , not many out there like HIM,

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Larry Akers . San Bernardino High

Super Service!

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